For the "GOLD" seeker and more, introducing the new HunterGOLD+Plus


The HunterGOLD+Plus excellent performance and easy handling. No unnecessary controls, but with several important features like automatic tuning, variable rejection, headphone jack, built-in speaker and a coil "SPIDER" deep search and waterproof, lightweight 21 cm diameter.

It has an efficient discriminator metal ignoring ground mineralization and trash metal, while detecting buried valuables and gold nuggets.
Easy to use, take the detector, adjust the level of rejection for junk metal and start searching.
Performance. If you have tried other similar detectors in this price will be amazed! Moreover, you may find that the
HunterGOLD+Plus  reaches deeper and ignore the trash metal detectors better than others of a much higher price.


Sensitivity adjuster.
Discriminator metals.
Coil "SPIDER" 21cm

diameter submersible
Power 2 9-volt batteries.
easy to use
Warranty 1 year

* Locate treasures, coins, relics, jewelry, gold nuggets and other metal objects such as pipes, cables and more.

* Adaptable to both beach road, field, indoor and prospecting floor, walls and garden.

Compact, collapsible and easy to use.

* Setting of discrimination to eliminate unwanted ferrous or   so-called "junk metal."

* Built-in audio system and headphones for marking the target.

* Ergonomic design with aluminum telescopic pole making it lightweight and comfortable to handle.

* Control Box Metal "Heavy Duty" resistant to any terrain.