Ace Detectors – Treasure Locator Centurión-21

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The Treasure Locator Centurion-21 is a digital instrument based on a microprocessor, working at 10z, very flexible in its use due to the larger quantity of operational features. The Treasure Locator Centurion-21 is constructed as a precise and robust instrument.

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Ace Detectors – TRL900D S2017

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To begin prospecting (search and detection), proceed in the following manner:

As indicated by the following diagram, install your TRL unit in the centre of a chosen square. Mark 4 diagonal points with the cables towards the 4 cardinal points. These cables are connected to the 4 points of your unit and to the still pegs. The copper pegs must be well buried at the same depth and are connected to your unit via the jacks and pliers. Remember to leave unburied aprox.10cm so that the pliers with the cable can cling onto the gold area of the peg.

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