Ace Detectors

Serie TRL 9000d 2017

Detectores de Ace – Localizador de Tesoros Centurión-21


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Launch Frequency : 5.6 – 6 khz
Signal Frequency : 360 – 440 khz
Discovers depths of up to 30 meters
Digital laser detector
Pinpoint six kinds of metal mine: copper, silver, gold, lead, tin and Diamond.

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LCD Screen
Most common frequencies are Rock Gold, Sand Gold, Silver, Bronze, Brass, and
Most common frequencies are Gold,Silver,Copper, Placer Gold, Tin,


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VR1000B-II LCD Screen Long range metal detector

Detecting Range: 100-1000m
Detecting Depth: 5-50m

(1) Max Detection: 5-50m
Max Detection: 5-50m
Detect Range: 100-1000m