EG-1000 LCD Waterpoof wide range metal detector


The EG-1000 this machine is more powerful than other machines because it provides a large level of operation to the operator, and has a high sensitivity to the metal targets underground, and the depth of the detection is very satisfactory. It is imported from the United States and the Greek receiver chip host by remote sensing technology experts adjusted, representing the highest level in the country.
(1) We add a function of indicator lights. These indicator lights show 20 different distances between the user with a receiver and the transmitter.
(2) Most common frequencies are  Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin,Lead,Diamond
(3) Detecting Range: 100-1000m
(4) Detecting Depth: 5-50m
(5) After tracking target, you will have some idea of the identification and the exact pinpoint.
(6) The face (front) of the transmitter has six LED’s (channel indicator lights) across the top; each is labeled for a particular element.
(1) Max Detection: 50m
(2) Max Range: 1000m
(3) Rechargeable Battery: Continuous working 48 hours
(4) Power: 1500mA
(5) Frequency: 433Mhz+/-150Khz
(6) Inner Storage: EEPROM 16k*8Bit
(7) Voltage: 9-12VDC
(8) Temperature Range: -40~85 °C
(9) Operating Humidity: 0~95% (non-condensing)
(10) Ultrasonic Frequency: 150-6000Mhz+/-150Khz

The characteristics of the product:
Penetrating power: the EG-1000 wide range detector adopts advanced molecular resonance technology, so it has strong penetrating power.
Accuracy: the most stable frequency signal, scanning frequency gold and other precious metals accurately to 0.1Hz. It can not only accurately locate treasures and metal targets, but also exclude other metals that are not required.
Ground filter: it can locate depth and eliminate false signal. EG-1000 automatically creates the best position of depth and metal mode.
Detection mode: gold, silver, copper, bronze, zinc, lead, aluminum, diamonds and other elements.
A unique target detection signal: the EG-1000 wide range detector, if it finds the target signal, is not a normal sound alarm, but two “L” probe antennas that cross.

Parameter table:
Processor: 16 bit processor, 40MIPS speed – 160MHz
Chip: the United States imported 32 bit DDS synthetic chip, output waveform.
Frequency stabilizer: digital frequency synthesizer X20PLL automatic frequency stabilizer, 0.1Hz
Detection mode: free detection mode for gold, silver, copper, bronze, zinc, lead, aluminum and diamond.
Free selection frequency: manually select frequency for each mode at 1Hz frequency interval.
Automatic storage: the frequency of user selection is automatically stored in memory.
Output power: the output power is up to 24 volt PK-PK
Display: color LCD display, resolution of 320X240 pixels, 4.3 inch LCD display
“APO”: automatic opening to the conductive ground
“DGB”: digital ground balance, eliminating interference from underground minerals.
Inductance signal: display the inductance signal on the screen, start scanning when the energy field is strong enough.
“WCC”: signal receiver, weight detector with target weight, power amplifier and gold plated “L” antenna.
“L” antenna: the receiving antenna will not be oxidized by the pH value of human skin.
Distance adjustment: the range of adjustment is 0-1000M, and the depth is 50 meters.