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Golden Way Device

Advanced Automatic (VLF) system for Underground gold and precious metals detection

Video explaining how the Golden Way Device work

Golden Way

Advanced Automatic (VLF) System

GER DETECT – Made in Germany

Two years warranty

Golden Way device, with a (VLF) system for Underground gold and precious metals detection.
The best device for detecting gold and precious metals, multi-use and with high efficiency in all climatic conditions and types of soil.
Golden Way device integrates an advanced automatic (VLF) system with high accuracy in identifying metals, up to a depth of 3 meters underground.
The fastest and easiest system to detect gold nuggets, raw gold, underground gold, bronze, and silver coins.
This device provides gold prospectors with high efficiency, low cost, and ease of use.
You can start searching immediately without wasting time programming the device.
Golden Way device proved high efficiency through an extensive practical experience all over the world.
Golden Way device has several advantages that will turn beginners into professionals in prospecting and obtaining the best results.

VLF System in Golden Way Device

Golden Way device is featured by a fully automatic operation system that is not affected by soil types: humid, or rich in mineral salts or mineral rocks.
The Golden Way device works with two discrimination systems:
The system of distinguishing and searching for precious metals:
This system rejects signals from iron or non-precious targets, allowing you to search for precious metals only (such as gold, silver, bronze, and coins).
General search system, i.e., searching for precious and non-precious metals: this system searches for all types of metals with high accuracy in addition to distinguishing between precious and non-precious metals.
The Golden Way device has a high capacity to distinguish metals, whether precious or not, in record time.
The search depth in the Golden Way device reaches 3 meters underground.
Golden way device is one of the best German innovation with European CE certification according to international standards.

Parts and Component for GOLDEN WAY device

The device’s bag

The main unit

The support arm device


Search coil size 30 x 30 cm

Search coil size 15 x 15 cm

Bluetooth Headphone

A plastic screw to secure the coil to the arm.

Home charger

Electric car charger

Free Multi Shovel

A warranty card

Brochure for GOLDEN WAY device

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