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TITAN GER – 500 PLUS Device

Long Range Diamond and Gemstones Detector

Video of TITAN GER – 500 PLUS device,for detect diamonds and precious stones in the ground


Long Range System

GER DETECT – Made in Germany

Two years warranty

For researcher diamonds and gemstones underground offer you a modern scientific and technical innovation to monitor places of diamonds and gemstones.
Titan Ger 500 Plus is light weigh ,easy to use ,and fast discovery.
GER DETECT company put one of the best technologies with a full digital system, sensors to pick up the target quickly, to be the first device for discovery of diamond and gemstones in the ground.
The device depth is up to 65 meters underground and the front range is 3000 square meters.

TITAN GER – 500 PLUS Device Long Range Diamond and Gemstones Detector

TITAN GER – 500 PLUS Diamond and Gemstones Detector (Long Range System)

Now and for the first time in the technology world, the dual antenna,
and as the owner of the patent for this antenna is UIG detectors,
The new super antenna system is the fastest,
strongest and easiest to discover gold and treasures under the ground
This system is working by spiral system in vast areas that need large distances detectors,
This super antenna consists of two transmission circuit (transmitter and receiver)
that operate in accordance with the principle of ground induction.
The antenna operating: installs super antenna on the device in its own place,
When the device is running, the transmitter circuit sends a signal to the receiver circuit
and the antenna help the device by generating a spiral current (Eddy Current)
That leads to multiply the waves more than 1000 times to able the device covers more areas within seconds.

Technical and operational steps of the smart digital screen for signal tracking

How to use TITAN GER – 500 PLUS by keypad

How to use TITAN GER – 500 PLUS by touch screen

Technical Specification For TITAN GER – 500 PLUS

  1. Small size and easy to use.
  2. Device operates on touch screen which show you the search data.
  3. Device depth of up to 65 meters.
  4. Possibility of identifying the target depth under the Underground.
  5. Front range up to square 3,000 meters with The possibility of determine the Front Range required Starting from 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 or 3000 square meters.
  6. Determine the target to be searched for.
  7. Determine the type of soil to be searched.
  8. The device works in six different languages: (German – English – French – Italian – Spanish, and Arabic).
  9. Certificate of origin and warranty for two years from the date of purchase
    Germany industry first class.
  10. Full weight of the device with accessories only (6 kg).
  11. The device fit all circumstances and different terrain.
  12. Titan Ger – 500 Device is one of the best German innovations with European cϵ certification according to international specifications.

Parts and Components for TITAN GER – 500 PLUS

Brochure for TITAN GER – 500 PLUS device

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cϵ Marking Certificate

cϵ Marking Certificate
NO: QA-AC-3371/17

Blue sapphire found in sri lanka by titan ger 500 device

Detection diamond – explain how operating the (TITAN GER 500) by one of our customers in Angola
Finding white sapphires by TITAN GER 500 device in Sri Lanka

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