Titan Long king new Version VR9000 Metal detector

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Quick Details

The VR9000 Long Range King is custom built in a sturdy, hard side, padded case with two locks. The transmitter is case mounted and includes the Standard Six elements with selector switch.
The system includes an installed, rechargeable gel cell battery with charger, transmitting antenna, receiving rods and receiver with belt clip, headphones and user manual all inserted into the specially fitted case.
Features and Functions:
1. We add a function of indicator lights. These indicator lights show 20 different distances between the user with a receiver and the transmitter.
2. Most common frequencies are Rock Gold, Sand Gold, Silver, Bronze, Brass, and Precious Stone.
3. Detecting Range: 100-1500m
4. Detecting Depth: 5-65m
5. After tracking target, you will have some idea of the identification and the exact pinpoint.
6. The face (front) of the transmitter has six LEDs (channel indicator lights) across the top; each is labeled for a particular element.
1. A grey case with aluminum trim, a handle and two locks
2. External Battery Port
3. The Belt Receiver
4. Head Phones
5. Receiving Rods
6. Battery Charger, AC/DC adapter, input AC 115V, output DC 9V
7. Antenna
8. Operators Manual
Main features:
1. Select depth and range by users, very convenient to adjust depth according to pratical situations.
2. Accurately pinpointing gold, diamond deposit, even for a samll size nugget.
3. Professional treasure hunter, high performance in anti-interference.
4. Only for gold (if you set the machine for gold), just move switch to Gold, then you can start your detection.
5. Two locks, prevent from being damaged and stolen.
6. Easy operation, English operation panel and manual.
7. Easy to carry, put all parts into an Aluminum box. Unit weight: 8kg including monitor and accessories.
1. Size/Unit: 520*185*350mm
2. Weight/Unit: 8kg
3. Qty./CTN: 1unit
4. Size/CTN: 503*305*164mm
5. G.W./CTN: 8kg

VR9000 Specifications:   

Max Detection 5-65m
Detect Range 100-1500m
Rechargeable Battery Continuous working 48 hours
Power 850mA
Frequency 433 MHz+/-150 KHz
 Inner Storage EEPROM 16k*8Bit
 Voltage 9~12VDC
Detecting display Sound/LCD Display
Backlight Display LCD
Temperature Range  -40°C~85°C
Operating Humidity 0~95% (non-condensing)
10 Ultrasonic Frequency  400-3000 MHz+/-150 KHz
Net Weight 6KG
Gross Weight 7KG
Package Size  46*34*20