TITAN GER - 1000 Device

Underground Gold , Metals and Treasures Detector

Full search station of 5 search systems in one device. To uncover the buried treasures in the ground. The Modern and unique technology in the world. One device contains a complete search station of 5 systems in one device. To search for gold and buried treasures and ancient monuments and tunnels and caves and tombs in the ground. TITAN GER – 1000 Five different search systems in one device: 1- Ionic fields search system. 2- Magnetic metal search system. 3- 3D imaging system. 4- long range system. 5- PULS INDACTION System. The user can choose the soil type in the search area: natural, clay, rock, sand, mixed or metal for more accurate results. Trabaja con un rango frontal de 2500 metros cuadrados y una profundidad máxima de 45 metros. El dispositivo funciona en cuatro idiomas: alemán, inglés, francés, árabe. TITAN GER – 1000 DEVICE es una de las mejores industrias alemanas y cuenta con el certificado CE de acuerdo con las normas internacionales.

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